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Bucket Elevator

bucket elevator

Product Specs

  • Capacities up to 60,000 BPH
  • Hot dipped galvanized construction of the boot, trunking and head
  • Generous clearances in all directions
  • Robust commercial design
  • Custom configurations
  • 1/4" hot dipped galvanized boot
  • Hot dipped galvanized trunk
  • NFPA compliant relief vents
  • Generous clearance in all directions
    • 2 1/2" from edge of belt to inside of trunk
    • 3" from lip of cup to inside of trunk
    • 1 1/2" from back of belt to inside of trunk
    • 15" boot take-up minimum (ACME take up rods)
  • Self fixturing design
  • Pillow block bearings standard
  • Boot shaft design to maximum of 5 minutes of deflection
  • Individual up and down trunks with robust tie angles and optional X bracing
  • Dust tight shaft seal design
  • Standard 1/4' urethane liner in head, hood, and hoppers
  • 4-sided flanged inlet hopper
  • Boot designed to minimize pressure issues
  • Full range of available options
  • Custom configurations available

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